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You can enjoy our eArticles on your computer, laptop or tablet, or you can print them! They are fully illustrated with rare aircraft and pilot photographs, aircraft profiles, colour maps and unit emblems. All eArticles are in printable PDF-format, and as one of our readers writes, they are “… very affordable. For example I pay roughly £3.99 – £5.00 for magazines and even then I’m only interested in say 3-4 pages of it’s content at the very most, the rest I just throw away. So to get this many pages of thoroughly interesting content is a no brainer really.


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What is an eArticle?

An eArticle is an electronic product you buy from Air War Publications, and following the purchase you can download it to your computer, tablet or any other device capable of viewing PDF-files.

How is my eArticle delivered?

Shortly after you complete the purchase of an eArticle, an email is sent to you with the download link. The download link is valid for 14 days after purchase. In rare cases the email may take 1-2 hours to arrive. In case you have not received it four hours after purchase, please check your spam filter and if not there, please contact us.

Can I transfer my eArticle to other devices?

Yes! The eArticle(s) can be copied to any device capable of viewing PDF-files.

Can I print my eArticle?

Yes! If you choose to print your eArticle, we recommend that you print it in colour on quality paper in order for you to get the best reproduction of images, maps, illustrations and artwork.