Luftwaffe Units

This section of the research area contains histories of various Luftwaffe flying units, with a focus on those that are lesser-known, such as support and liaison units. The histories are available to download as pdf-files. Although their everyday tasks were generally mundane, the German Kurierstaffeln, Flugbereitschaften and similar units often had interesting stories.

Where possible we include photographs and other illustrations, but due to the small size and often short-lived existences of these units, not all feature photographs. We also mention the leaders and important personalities of the units where possible. These histories tell the stories of some little-known Luftwaffe flying units, and we hope you enjoy them.

Footnotes have not been included, but if people are curious about the sources used, there is a list of documents and books consulted at the end of each article.

These unit histories are not considered the final word on the subject, and the authors would welcome any additional information or corrections. Publishable photographs would also be welcome. Please use the Air War Publications contact form to reach Larry and his co-authors.