Our friends at Chandos Publications have a fantastic new publication available for pre-order – have a look here.

We were fortunate to get a sneak peek, and can confirm that this will be a wonderful addition to the book collection of any aviation historian.

Amongst the in-depth articles is one by Sven Carlsen, lead-author of the forthcoming Air War Publications book, Nachtjagd on the Eastern Front. Sven’s focus in his Axis Wings article is the little-known Nachtjagdstaffel Finnland, which morphed into Nachtjagdstaffel Norwegen when Finland broke with Axis forces in 1944. The background, formation and activities of these small units are described in detail in his eight-page article, and it is well-illustrated. Many missions are detailed in a diary-type format, as well as mention or introduce all of the known pilots who flew with these units. A list of its losses and victories are also included. Sven’s article is accompanied by twelve photographs, including several of the lone Heinkel 219 that was operated by the units, along with two colour profiles of Ju 88s.

Editors Rich Carrick and Robert Forsyth are well-known to aviation and Luftwaffe aficionados, and they intend to make this a long-running series. It will neatly fill a void left by the cessation of the Luftwaffe Verband, and will nicely complement Axel Urbanke’s Luftwaffe im Focus and Eagle Editions’ Wings of the Black Cross.

We look very much forward to this publication and hope this first issue will be enjoyed by many.