We’ve been talking about it for a while, but our Wüstennotstaffel – Part One eArticle is now only a few days away from release. We recently sent a copy to Christopher Shores, who was kind enough to review it for us, and also mentions his forthcoming Volume 2 of the excellent Mediterranean Air War series. Below are his comments on the two projects:

Wüstennotstaffel – Part One
Adam Thompson and Andrew Arthy

I was delighted when Air War Publications asked me to review and comment upon this small, but important piece of work. I can report that it is immaculately researched and beautifully produced – a must for any enthusiast of the Luftwaffe or of the Mediterranean air war to add to their library.

With an unashamed personal interest in the subject, I was sorry that it had not arrived on my desk before I and my ‘team’ completed work on our own History of the Mediterranean Air War, Volume 2. While generally the content did not seem to contradict what we had written (though interestingly and valuably enhancing elements of our own offering), I noted with a lurch in my heart that in dealing with one critical date – 12 May 1942 – they had corrected some of the details contained in one of their reference sources. This was the description of this day included in Hans Ring’s and my own Fighters Over the Desert (published, of course, in 1969). A quick reference to the proofs of our new Volume 2 (due to appear next week!) showed that effectively we are now “singing from the same hymn sheet” as are the Air War team, so hopefully no conflict arises between us. We shall endeavour to ensure that this continues to be the case for Part Two. This is important since Adam’s and Andrew’s coverage obviously is able to offer considerably more detailed background and other information on this particular unit and its personnel than can we in our much wider coverage generally.

As far as I am concerned, I have no hesitation in warmly recommending this excellent little publication in the most positive manner.

Christopher Shores

We thank Chris for his kind words and are, of course, very much looking forward to seeing his Volume Two in the near future (soon to be available on Amazon here). We’ll announce the launch of Wüstennotstaffel – Part One in coming days.