Today a new section is opening on … the ‘Research Section’. The material in this area is available for all, but is focused on helping researchers of the European air war during the Second World War. The files are freely available for download here: The Research Section

Aircraft Production Lists

Assembly line for Junkers 87s
Assembly line for Junkers 87 fuselages.

The first batch of material concerns German aircraft production, and Air War Publications is very pleased to host Nigel Moore’s German aircraft production lists. Nigel’s material will be released over the coming months and years, beginning with selected manufacturers’ construction sequences addressing Werknummer assignments in the sub-10.000 ranges:

– Training Aircraft – First Generation (1930-33): He 42, Fw 44 and He 72
– Training Aircraft – Single-Seater: Fw 56, Ar 76 and others
– Reconnaissance Aircraft – Land-Based: He 45, He 46, He 70, Hs 126
– Reconnaissance Aircraft – Maritime: He 60, He 114, He 59, He 115, Ar 95
– Biplane Fighters: He 51, Ar 64, Ar 65, Ar 68
– Training Aircraft – Second Generation (1934-38): Fw 58, Go 145
– Ground-Attack Aircraft: Hs 129
– Two-Seater Dive-Bombers: He 50, Ju 87 A/B/R
– Utility Aircraft: Bf 108
– Bombers: Do 17, Do 215, He 111
– Fighters: Bf 109 A to F variants

These lists are the result of many years of painstaking work. However, Nigel considers them as starting points for further discussion, and not the final word on the subject. Thus he welcomes feedback, comments and additions. Contact information for Nigel can be found here: German Aircraft Production

Assembly of electrical panels for the early variants of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A at the factory in Bremen.

Assembly of electrical panels for the early variants of the Focke-Wulf 190 A at the factory in Bremen.

More of these lists will appear on the Air War Publications website in the future, featuring all categories; fighters; bombers; ground-attack; reconnaissance; trainers and utility aircraft. 
The release plan for the types will be updated here: Release Plan

Nigel has long had an interest in German aircraft production, and has compiled his lists based on numerous primary sources. We are grateful to Nigel for sharing his work so that other researchers and writers can have free access to what we consider to be a very reliable source about German aircraft production.

Small Unit Histories

Another part of the Research Section features short texts outlining the histories of four small Luftwaffe units. These brief unit histories are the result of a collaboration between Larry deZeng and Andrew Arthy. Whenever photographic material is available it will be included. There are a dozen more unit histories in the pipeline, and they will be released as they are completed.

Also coming up are various files and lists covering operational aspects of the European air war, including a work-in-progress list of Luftwaffe claims for damaged and sunk Allied ships.