Release Overview

So far, a programme of eleven discrete type releases has been planned with the aircraft production list project covering all categories; fighters, bombers, ground-attack, reconnaissance, trainers and utility aircraft.
Likely composition and timings for the first half of this programme are tabled below. Further release waves and any modifications that prove necessary will be updated here as the project progresses.

One24 Oct 2019Ar 76Bf 109 V + A-DFw 56
Two 2020 Ar 64Ar 65Ar 68Ar 197Fw 44Go 145He 42He 50He 51
Three 2020 Fw 47He 45He 46He 59He 60He 70He 72He 111 StufenkanzelHs 122
Four 2020 Ar 95Ar 196Bf 108Bf 110 A-EDo 18Do 24Do WalHe 114He 115
Five2021Bf 109 EDo 11Do 17Do 23Do 215Fh 104Fw 189 Hs 126 Hs 129
Six2021Ar 66Fw 190 A-4Fw 190 A-6Fw 190 A-7Fw 190 F-3Fw 200He 100He 113Ju W 34

The aim of the project is to provide a solid source of information for researchers, a foundation on which they can write books without repeating errors and myths.

If you have any information or data you wish to contribute, please write to Nigel Moore (—at— or send a message to Air War Publications via our contact form.