Morten has been in Australia for a couple of weeks now, and there has been some really good progress on the writing of the next book in our Fw 190 in the Mediterranean series. We have written a few of the ca. nine chapters of Fw 190 Fighting Over Southern Italy, which covers Fw 190 operations over Italy, Sardinia and Corsica between 3 September 1943 and 21 January 1944. These chapters cover some exciting events, and most notably the dangerous but highly effective anti-invasion missions flown by Fw 190 pilots on 9 September 1943 and in subsequent days against the British and American landings at Salerno. However, not everything went according to plan for the Schnellkampfgeschwader 10 pilots, and the events of those days would lead to the court martial of one Fw 190 unit commander, and the shooting down of two others.

Expect more news about this title next year.