Helmut Wick after being awarded Oakleaves to his Knight's Cross.

Helmut Wick after being awarded Oakleaves to his Knight’s Cross.

Our practise of releasing valuable research by our fellow aviation historians continues with the forthcoming publication of Franek Grabowski’s article about the circumstances surrounding the death of Jagdgeschwader 2 Kommodore Helmut Wick on 28 November 1940. Franek’s article is titled ‘Demise of the Luftwaffe’s Top Gun’, and will provide a different perspective on a subject that has been extensively covered in the past.

For many years it was ‘common knowledge’ that Wick fell to the guns of RAF ace F/Lt. John Dundas, who was then downed moments later by Wick’s wingman, Oblt. Rudolf Pflanz. However, Franek challenges the orthodox view with his carefully researched article. Readers can soon be the judge for themselves, when the article appears in our shop in coming weeks.

The article ties in neatly with our recently released eArticle biography of Kurt Bühligen (found here), because Bühligen was one of the German pilots involved in the combat near Isle of Wight in which Helmut Wick was downed.